STEP 1:  Scenario based approach

Four to five weeks of simulated language immersion through Language Circle: How does Scenario-Based Learning Work? Scenario-based learning is a methodology which aims to promote deep learning and awareness by involving participants in realistic situations. A scenario can be a real world situation, a descriptive set of circumstances, or a story narrative. Scenarios usually contain human actors, a storyline or plot (often incomplete), an invitation to solve a problem, the demonstration of an acquired skill, explore an issue/concern, and/or speculate on alternative outcomes.

The scenario or situation can be created by the teacher or student. To succeed, scenarios excite the interest of the participants and contain a degree of uncertainty consistent with real experiences. Scenarios are created to allow students to seek or demonstrate knowledge. This model, which Language Circle has personally developed, works wonders in a short period of time.

Online videos
Over 160 pre-recorded online  language classes. They cover  language techniques, scene study and much, much more. 

Language Classes and workshops 
Each group class offers an environment where all student will work in a group in every lesson. Language classes will consist of, but are not limited to, the following:
⦁    Scene study/ Scene analysis
⦁    On-camera classes

The language classes being offered are taught for all levels and ages. We have languae classes every week. It is a non-competitive, safe, and supportive environment where everyone shares and enjoys honing their Language. Students receive immediate feedback from top classments. Negative Criticism is not part of the unique curriculum offered by Language Circle. All language students are encouraged to actively ask questions and to participate. If need more help, try our private coaching classes via Skype.

Language Partners
Language Partners help each other with their writing and speaking exercises. As you learn and help others learn you will befriend people. By connecting with new friends, you will gain more and more Language Partners who will then be listed in your profile. This encourages a constantly growing community of companionship where interaction benefits each member.

Online conversational practice
Our members help each other learn in a myriad of ways: they can leave comments in response to practice exercises, explain mini-lessons within exercise feedback, have practice conversations via text, video or audio chat, provide knowledge on culture and custom, and give encouragement.

Language assistants
An affordable personalized learning resource for all ages. Unlike Certified Translators, Language assistants can only change a small fee for helping learners.

Certified Translators
We only used high-quality, licensed teachers who can demonstrate advanced levels of oral and written proficiency in the chosen language. The courses we offer are personalized to match the student's learning style, and include stages with two coaches engaging in three-way conversations. These are intensive courses of two to eight weeks and are designed for people who need to pick up a language quickly.