Total immersion. Total fun

Have fun learning another language by hanging out with foreigners!


Total immersion is the best, fastest way to learn a new language.


Work 4-5 hours a day for free room and board.


Homestays abroad make travel cheaper and more attainable.


Make new fnends and discover adventures that will enrich your life!

Getting Started

You want to learn to swim? Get in the water. Language is the same- At Language Circle, we can help you at any level- You can start in the shallow end, with on-line training. As you progress, you‘ll want real interaction. We can help you find on-line converstion buddies- Ready for that ocean plunge? We can help you with international immersion opportunities.To get started, simply complete Language Circle's simple sign up process. We will ask some basic information. Once signed up, you'll be able to use your account immediately.

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Hosts often need volunteers on an ongoing basis so it's well worth browsing through all the hosts on our list!

How Do We Do This?

Unlike regular language programs, we at Language Circle have designed an approach which transcends isolated online learning by giving you the opportunity of a dynamic and organic learning experience. We call this total immersion learning.

The Program

Become Part of the Great Language Circle Community


Whether you need help in a family environment with a specific project or another pair of hands on an ongoing basis, being a host can fit your needs. If you have extra space and are interested in meeting new people from all over the world then invite people to come help. Learners come from all sorts of backgrounds and bring with them a variety of abilities and skills. Typical tasks might involve helping with an eco-building project or general maintenance, babysitting, helping in the garden, helping with animals, web design, and promotion. The list is endless.

Awesome reasons to be a host!

  • Make money - you can offer a homestay for small fee.
  • Meet new people, make new friends, share adventure, and maybe even romance.
  • Practice a new language and exchange skills.
  • Get fresh ideas and perspectives on your project.
  • Create new inspirations and dynamics.
  • See your own city/town in a new light.
  • Become part of the global community.

Most people can quickly learn a new language. Although a commitment toward amassing a necessary vocabulary takes a certain amount of time, getting people talking in a new language using the vocabulary that they already know isn't hard.

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Hosts all over the World

Active hosts: 4500

Members of Language Circle can use our platform to organize activities such as camping trips, bar crawls, meetings, and sporting events. The website features a searchable database of thousands of upcoming events organized by our community. Members can work-for-room-and-board abroad, host an international get-together, chat with certified translators and verified travel hosts, and even win airline tickets.
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