Language Circle is immersive language learning program which transcends isolated online learning by providing the opportunity for a dynamic and organic learning experience through cultural exchange. The methods we use are different than in a traditional classroom. At Language Circle you will learn from a variety of realistic scenarios online and in person to develop competency in a small area of language through constant repetition. From there, the brain can naturally integrate new vocabulary into sentence patterns learned by using language in a particular context.  There are three steps to fluency through Language Circle:

⦁    Learn sentence structure and vocabulary through online videos
⦁    Act out scenarios with native speakers either online or in person
⦁    Total immersion: spend three to six months abroad at a homestay

Language Circle caters towards budget travelers with free placements at farms, in private houses, and with small tourism businesses around the globe. Many people attempt to learn a new language through traditional classes, but find that it just isn’t enough. You need to practice a language daily in order to become truly fluent. The only way to achieve this is through total immersion into your chosen language. If learning a new language is a high priority for you, an intensive language program in which you study abroad may be the solution. 

The goals of total immersion include:

⦁    Becoming conversationally fluent in a foreign language
⦁    Mastering subject content taught in a foreign language
⦁    Acquiring an understanding of and appreciation for other cultures

We offer a broad range of educational programs and courses, from simulated language immersion and language schools to educational travel and cultural exchange. Our language immersion programs are varied and flexible so you can reach your goals at a pace that works for you.

The learning methodology we use at Language Circle is based on research my Shawn Blade. However, Scenario-based methods have been used as learning tools throughout history. Scenario interaction and feedback has been human mediated over most of this history of use. In the last few years technology assisted mediation has reached a stage where scenarios built using such technologies are now an integral part of eLearning..

Language Circle's scenario based approach is quite different from the torturous ‘traditional classroom’  approarch. If you ever studied ‘language, then you know that specific types of technique can be painful, even torturous. Some have said that the language technique they have used is even worse than therapy. Well, there is an alternative to this. You can learn an easier scenario based approach which has been used for many years in natural settings!

Language learning should be fun. Not a self-dissecting experience. This scenario based approach gives you a very simple, structured way of working without making language a complex, traumatic, painful experience. Below are the basics of the Scenario